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TATA IPL: Rohit-Hardik Unfollow each other on Instagram!!

Rohit-Hardik Unfollow each other on Instagram
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Rohit and Hardik have unfollowed each other on Instagram! Such new information has come to the fore regarding the conflict between two heavyweight cricketers of Team India. A few months before the start of this year's IPL (TATA IPL 2024), Rohit was cut and handed over to Hardik by Mumbai Indians.

Ever since that announcement, reports of unrest have been coming out one after the other inside the Mumbai camp. And now the matter of two stars unfollowing each other on Instagram came to the fore.

Mumbai Indians fans are discussing the current and former captain's relationship on social media. Supporters are expressing fear that the deterioration of Rohit and Hardik's relationship may affect the performance of Mumbai Indians.

A glance at Instagram reveals that Rohit and Hardik do not follow each other on Instagram at the moment. But how true is it? To find out, the Instagram 'follower list' of the two was seen by news It turns out that some people don't follow anyone on Instagram.

But the question is, did the two cricketers unfollow each other on Instagram for just a few months? Or did someone never follow someone on Instagram? However, the answer to this difficult question was not found.

Why Hardik was made captain in Rohit's place?

In image - Mark Boucher
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The head coach of the team, Mark Boucher, cleared this issue a few days ago. Said, “It is absolutely a cricketing decision to remove Rohit and hand over the captaincy to Hardik. It's time for a change for me. But not everyone in India understands this. There is an emotion at work here. I will try to bring out the best from Rohit Sharma as a batsman. Let Rohit enjoy his batting."

He further added, “In IPL, there are many things beyond the game. For example, there is much more to do than participate in advertising. Wanted to free the batter like Rohit from them. So that he can bat with a cool head. In fact, emotions are given more importance here. But we also have to look to the future. So Hardik was chosen as the captain." But Ritika could not accept his argument. This time the issue of Rohit and Hardik unfollowing each other on Instagram, added to the intensity of the Mumbai Indians' controversial issue ahead of the IPL(TATA IPL 2024).

Rohit's wife Ritika Sajdeh fired at the Mumbai management

Rohit's wife Ritika Sajdeh fired at the Mumbai management
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The Rohit Sharma vs Hardik Pandya debate continues to rage. Coach Mark Boucher and Rohit's wife Ritika Sajdeh's comments added to the controversy. Hardik's problem is going to increase? Former Indian cricketer Akash Chopra thinks so.

Aakash opened up about this in a YouTube video

He said, "I was listening to an interview with Mark Boucher. He said why Rohit was removed from the leadership. After that Ritika again said, many things are being hidden. It seems to me that all these events will have the biggest impact on Hardik.'

According to Aakash, Hardik will be under pressure to step into the shoes of the five-time IPL winning captain. He said, 'We don't know which is right and which is wrong. But I am a little worried. Because Mumbai is a very strong team. But in all these incidents, the pressure on Hardik will increase. He will have a problem to fight the team together. If that happens, it will be bad for Mumbai.'

Hardik Pandya has been made the captain of Mumbai Indians by removing Rohit Sharma for purely cricketing reasons. A few days ago, the team's head coach Mark Boucher gave such an explanation. However, Rohit's wife Ritika Sajdeh cannot accept his argument at all.

She gave his response in just a few sentences. She wrote, 'A lot of wrong information is being spread!' And since then the storm has risen in the social media.

Ritika Sajdeh's Instagram post
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However, Rohit's wife does not agree with the coach's comments. Ritika Sajdeh gave a reply to the part of the interview on social media. As a clear indication, much of what Boucher says may not be true. There are many more stories behind the scenes.

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